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Bembridge Coast Hotel aaaaaa

Bembridge Coast HotelThough tranquillity is the byword at Bembridge, life was not always so peaceful. During World War II, the southeast part of the site was rented to the Admiralty as a land-based warship. Nicknamed HMS Blazer, the structure billetted some 250 men and stored arms and mobile radar equipment. Not that you’d know it today, as you lie back in the Isle of Wight sun and enlist the kind of service and hospitality only a Warner hotel can provide.   More Info on Bembridge Coast Hotel – here

Sinah Warren Hotel aaaaaa

Sinah Warren HotelSinah Warren is a tranquil paradise of pines and flowers, sea-birds and butterflies. You’re as likely to spot a Red Admiral from your sun-lounger as a salty sea dog out in the bay. And we chose our location with the utmost care, ensuring you can enjoy the finest possible views of stunning Langstone harbour and every opportunity to relax and take in the sweet, intoxicating sea air.

Corton Coastal Village rosebrosebrosebroseb

warner_leisure_corton-resort-outside-bowlsAmong Corton’s many unusual claims to fame is its links to mustard. Towards the end of the 19th century, the head of the Colman family acquired the estate, turning the already beautiful setting into one of the loveliest gardens on the east coast. As the Colman estate fragmented, pretty Corton eventually passed into the hands of Warner Leisure Hotels, who transformed it into the traditional friendly seaside resort you see today.

Gunton Hall Coastal Village rosebrosebrosebroseb

Gunton Hall Coastal VillageGunton Hall Coastal Village In 1765, it was discovered that the area’s fine clay was ideal for porcelain manufacture. Lowestoft has famously manufactured beautiful porcelain for many years. And while there’s little evidence at Gunton today of the relevant industrial workings, it’s worth remembering the resort’s importance to the history of fine ceramics.

Lakeside Coastal Village rosebrosebrosebroseb

Lakeside Coastal VillageLakeside Coastal Village As you’re greeted by friendly staff and fellow guests alike, it’s difficult to imagine any other resort matching Lakeside’s sense of belonging. No surprise, then, that we’re officially an Investor in People. Yet while community and companionship are there if you want, it’s equally easy to slip your moorings and be alone with your partner or your friends, the mild breezes, the swans and sea-birds, the glorious coastal views….or simply your thoughts.

Norton Grange Coastal Village rosebrosebrosebroseb

Norton Grange Coastal VillageNorton Grange Coastal Village One of the real gems of your stay at Norton Grange is surely the fabulous views of the western Solent, a busy and colourful waterway which stretches from Cowes to the Needles. As befits this walkers’ paradise, there’s also a sea wall along which you can stroll to Fort Victoria; built to defend England’s southern ports.